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The Parole Board said it noted the government's decision not to proceed with judicial review proceedings, and welcomed the expansion of the review.
We understand that the Coroner will not direct substantive hearing until after the judicial review judgment.
If Sisu has its application for a judicial review approved, a date will be set for a much longer hearing - probably over several days.
In this case, while the current state of judicial review is prone to abuse, promulgation of proper decisions or rules will ultimately lead to a better performing SC.
The major theories of judicial review as subjective.
The state's agents protect rights only or mostly because they fear that if they do not their decisions will be overturned by courts exercising judicial review or be condemned by others, either other states' agents or the public.
Mr Imperato is already pursuing judicial reviews on behalf of local campaigners against Hywel Dda health board over the alleged downgrading of facilities at Prince Philp Hospital, Llenelli and at Withybush Hospital.
WLIB has a similar issue before the tribunal and the outcome of this judicial review would have a direct bearing upon the band's claim, said Woods.
Last night officials confirmed the tycoon was continuing his bid for a judicial review as he looks to take control of the former shipyard.
In either case, the local government agency must provide adequate judicial review of the administrative decision.
David Pritchard, another lawyer leading the Judicial Review bid, sees unfairness in the overall review process, as well as in the FSA's method of communication.