judicial tribunal

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The Delhi High Court had recused from hearing a plea by Naik to set aside judicial tribunal decision to ban the organisation under Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA).
A special judicial tribunal in Alkhobar, appointed to enforce a settlement in the dispute, recently took out a newspaper advertisement seeking lawyers, accountants and sales agents with regard to enforcement procedures against the assets of Al-Sanea and Saad Group.
A military official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the building also incorporated a so-called judicial tribunal, where army soldiers could recover dozens of classified papers.
However these 'open doors' caused concern; consequentially, on 9 June 2016, the Ruler of Dubai established the Judicial Tribunal for the Dubai Courts and DIFC Courts.
The creation of a judicial tribunal under Decree 19 of 2016 to resolve jurisdiction issues means that hopefully the DIFC Courts will not have to do this, but it nonetheless underlines the intent of the DIFC Courts to issue injunctions whenever it considers it appropriate.
It also demanded repeal of draconian laws, Public Safety Act and Armed Forces Special Powers Act, release of all political prisoners, grant of access to a UN fact-finding mission to occupied Kashmir, establishment of a judicial tribunal to examine all cases of extrajudicial killings, including that of Burhan Wani.
It is unthinkable that a period of detention of up to 30 days could be imposed by a person with no formal legal training whatsoever--particularly so when an accused has no right to be represented by legal counsel and that there are no rules of evidence and no appeal to a judicial tribunal.
The statement reads: "In fact, the SFA has approved Mr Ashley's shareholding and this was confirmed by the SFA appellate judicial tribunal earlier this year.
Lord Neuberger concluded that Section 53 does not permit the Attorney General to override a decision of a judicial tribunal or court by issuing a certificate "merely because he, a member of the executive, considering the same facts and arguments, takes a different view from that taken by the tribunal or court".
Petitioner stated both the politicians had also rejected the constitution of judicial tribunal for inquiry on Model Town incident.
The letters indicated that the Justice Minister had ordered a special judicial tribunal be set up to conduct a probe into the circumstances of the massacre which offers "yet another proof of the atrocities of extremist takfiri terrorism that proves once again its chilling disregard for human values.
The Punjab chief minister earlier sacked provincial law minister Rana Sanullah and appointed a judicial tribunal that has been conducting a probe into the incident.