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With more horses ready to run in fewer thoroughbred races this season, Fairplex hopes to give bettors larger fields - and thus more choices at juicier odds - than the higher-class tracks offer.
The heavier the fruit, the juicier the pomegranate,'' notes Simonian.
Not to worry, though, because when Saint Betty is not busy being fitted for her size 12 halo, the series' shallower, yet altogether juicier characters - Marc, Amanda and Wilhelmina - can be relied upon to keep coming up with the sudsy story lines and the lemon-flavoured one-liners.
Pluots or plucots: A hybrid between an apricot and a plum, many look like plums and come in a variety of colors (purple, pink, golden), juicier and sweeter than a plum or an apricot and tending to be firmer than an apricot.
This unique ripening process allows us to offer consumers fruit that is juicier and much more flavorful," said David Lessard, Director of Produce Operations for Giant Food.
Usually the cases were run-of-the-mill affairs, all set in Bristol, but occasionally something juicier turned up to spur the `private ear' into action.
With an opening stand of 68 runs, England were looking in a good position on Wednesday and Skybet are offering 6-4 for Andrew Strauss and Alastair Cook to post a higher opening partnership in England's second innings and an even juicier 8-1 for Vaughan to score nought once more.
So to try and silence their critics they decide to investigate something far juicier.
She added: "I'm really happy in Emmerdale at the moment, although it would be better to have some juicier storylines.
British Summer Fruits, the industry body that represents 98% of berries in supermarkets, reports that not only will it be an earlier and larger crop of British strawberries but consumers can also expect the berries to taste sweeter and juicier than normal.
Nearby was an even juicier target for German bombers, a huge explosives dump at Brackla.