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The mild spring weather had prompted good pollination, which led to larger, sweeter and juicier berries, said BSF chairman Laurence Olins.
What made the story juicier was that the oranges were discovered in Iran over the weekend after supporters of President Ahmadinejad inadvertently distributed the fruit during a two day goodwill visit to the town of Salam in southern Iran.
The grate also creates a "sizzle effect" that collects the juices dripping from the food so it sizzles just under the food, making it juicier.
They are juicier and tastier than turkey burgers and really just as good as beef burgers.
This unique ripening process allows us to offer consumers fruit that is juicier, consistent, and much more flavorful," said Stop & Shop/Giant-Landover v.
Forbes: This is no Carl Icahn buying or striving to buy a terrific property just to break it up and sell off the juicier parts, writes James Brady.
Juicier screen opportunities are now much more likely to come out of the woodwork for Fiennes, who has completed a film in which he plays Nelson Mandela's jailer and who is gearing up for an international stage tour in Hamlet.
If you like a juicier steak, a heftier 20-ounce, bone-in New York cut ($44) of USDA prime Illinois, corn-
Once you get the hang of what this "process" is like, you can choose a juicier or more intense one for your second time through.
And as it gets redder, the fruit tends to get juicier," says Scott.
If you like juicier varieties then I would recommend Falstaff or Meridien.
It's no surprise, of course, that most writers have chosen North Korea as their prime topic: That weird, dangerous state is simply a juicier subject, with its epic isolation, creepy and seemingly unpredictable Great Leader, Kim Jong Il, and alarming nuclear development programs.