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Jumble sale for parish's pensioners DUNFORD Parish Senior Citizens' Association is holding a Jumble Sale, on Friday (September 16).
We all have done jumble word puzzles in our early school days.
Recently, she took loads of his things to a jumble sale - not just clothes, but other possessions.
Jumble trail to take to the streets A JUMBLE Trail will be held in Bearwood on August 23.
BRINGING back jumble sales would be a great way to pick up a bargain.
A POPULAR Scout-run jumble sale takes place in Kenilworth this weekend.
A pounds 1000 digital piano on loan to a village hall was accidentally sold at a Scout jumble sale for just pounds 270.
Mandy also recently organised a jumble sale in Bangor raising over pounds 330 for North Wales Housing Homelessness Services.
com 4) ECO lovers should head down to the Daisy Green's first ever jumble sale.
We hope they will no longer jumble around the Fortress as the one who jumbles around is looking for trouble," writes Tahiri.
SCORES of people are joining forces for a jumble sale to raise money for a North East hospital.
Teaming with UClick on the game development ensured that we'd get a challenging new spin on an interactive version of Jumble.