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It does not matter who the leader is, the damage was done when they prostituted themselves and jumped into bed to form a coalition government with the Tories, taking a share of power at any cost
What happened when he jumped into bed with Cameron?
Before they jumped into bed with the Tories in 2010, all they ever did was pronounce from the sidelines on the failures of others.
The blonde actress proved that she still knows how to live up to male fantasies as she jumped into bed for the German magazine spread, posing in her tried and tested sultry style, the Daily Mail reported.
Yet again, ministers have jumped into bed with the doom-mongers who find a new way to attack our privacy and liberties on an almost weekly basis.
I've just realised I'm a unionist after all," he muttered, lower lip trembling as he jumped into bed with the Tories, tucking a Union Jack bed-sheet under his chin.