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Self-confessed man-hater Nicky jumped into bed with the 22-year-old yesterday after he said he'd had a bad dream.
What can you expect from a married woman, however unhappily situated, who admits that she was smitten by a few sweet words said by her unexpected new visitor, so at the sight of him removing his clothes, she also undressed and they jumped into bed and knew each other?
Her brief naked display was greeted more enthusiastically - and she showed no signs of modesty tonight as she peeled off and jumped into bed with co-star Josh Cohen.
Spell out how you feel and how much you miss what you had then suggest you meet and see if you can't try to rewind the clock to the night before you jumped into bed together.
They didn't stop buying Nike when it gave money to Tonya Harding's defense fund, or when it jumped into bed with Jerry Jones of the Cowboys - defying the NFL - or when it threatened the Olympic medal ceremony because Dream Team members would have to wear a rival's sweatsuits.
TWO mobile phone robbers who stripped to their underpants and jumped into bed together to hide from police have been locked up.