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The letter voiced a second powerful warning: not to mistake normal reactions--intense sadness or sleeplessness, jumpiness, and so on--for mental abnormality.
But it's too late for that, in the wake of the London bombings and the jumpiness surrounding anything terror related the Birmingham evacuation was Sunday's top story across the national media.
Not just the nightmares, but a jumpiness and vigilance that haunts his waking hours.
With its grainy texture and natural jumpiness, the Super-8 gave it the "you are there" feel I wanted.
It commonly causes flashbacks to the event, nightmares, sleeplessness, and jumpiness.
IT'S no longer a case of wondering about America's jumpiness over terrorism, it's simply a case of measuring how high.
When rumours spread that a German cruiser squadron was in the neighbourhood, jumpiness escalated to near panic.
described as a general anxiety or jumpiness, an anxiety that was
The entire world is in a state of limbo, a fearful jumpiness which affects everybody.
Diminished self-esteem, anxiety to please, uncertainty, inability to plan and look ahead to the future, depression, suicidal tendencies, mood swings, jumpiness, nervousness, irritability and inability to concentrate are some indicators of a traumatic stress.
And while it is true that after this time, the calm I once experienced just after two would gradually set in, and I could again immerse myself in the fabricated rooms and towns of my stories, and converse with their made-up and oft-times certifiable inhabitants, it did not continue thus for many days: for quite soon it occurred to me that an acceptance on the West Coast--where a largely regretful but not wholly inconsiderable contingent of the literary world resides--might come as late as eight or nine, and this immediately extended my period of jumpiness and irascibility three more hours.