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The cross-reactivities of intact proinsulin (hPI) and the proinsulin metabolites des (64,65) hPI [A-C junctional cleaved metabolite] and split (32, 33) hPI [B-C junctional cleaved metabolite] in each assay are summarized in Table 4.
And if one is on top, with the others on the bottom, the patient has junctional (between skin layers) EB.
Cingulin, paracingulin, and PLEKHA7: signaling and cytoskeletal adaptors at the apical junctional complex
Proximal Junctional Kyphosis Following Spinal Deformity Surgery in the Pediatric Patient
A postoperative electrocardiogram showed sinus arrhythmia, at a rate of 88 beats/minute, that was completely dissociated from a regular, accelerated junctional rhythm, at a rate of 67 beats/minute, with right bundle branch block and left anterior fascicular block (Figure).
The sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) of SKM cells is a specialized form of endoplasmic reticulum (ER), formed by a complex network of tubules and cisternae sharing a common lumen, that can be subdivided in the junctional SR, responsible for calcium release, and the longitudinal SR, involved in calcium uptake.
Both the condensed, continuous staining pattern and the intercellular junctional location of immunoreactivity are of great importance.
Sag posteroseptal yerlesimli aksesuvar yola bagli, uzun RP tasikardisi olan Permanent Junctional Reciprocathing Tachycardia (PJRT), inferi-yor derivasyonlarda (DII, DIII ve aVF) negatif P dalgalari ile karakterize, medikal tedaviye direnc gosterebilen tasikardidir ve ablasyon gerekebilir (3).
Diagnostic criteria include focal or diffuse widening of the low-T2-signal intensity junctional zone or an ill-defined low-T2-signal intensity myometrial mass.
There are four major type of inherited epidermolysis bullosa: EB simplex (EBS), junctional EB (JEB), dystrophic EB (DEB) and Kindler syndrome.
This type of junctional injury has become more common recently, partly due to better body armor.