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The space has a distinctly Balinese flavor--temple bells tinkle in the soft breeze that wafts through the atrium's screen roof, while fish swim lazily in an urn set among jungly plants.
Most visitors will have taken a side trip into the Keralan Backwaters, a huge jungly expanse of waterways inland from the coast, perhaps spending a day or an overnight on a traditional reed-built rice boat and lapping up the isolation and serenity.
Ex Cathedra's continued policy of drawing soloists from its own ranks introduced some exciting new young voices in this sequence of offerings which swung from High Church chanting (with thrillingly full-voiced unison singing from the massed choristers) to jungly high spirits, bringing the festivities of the streets into the basilica.
A huge bay, Bahia de Banderas, brimming with palm-studded beaches and backed by the Sierra Cuale mountains, arcs from north to south along the Pacific coastline, from a once-isolated fishing village at Punta Mita to the jungly settings of resorts and small towns south of Puerto Vallarta.
But that becomes jungly and complicates air circulation and invites fungus to grow.
At most she would drive half a mile, or a little bit more, if the couple's parents paid extra for the gasoline, and between the ceremony and the reception Luciana's '57 Chevy Bel Air hardtop, tailed in ribbons of white silk, circled the perimeter of Barriquita, from the broad stretch of the rocky Malecon, to the jungly base of el Yunque (the flat-topped mesa on the western edge of town that, as a girl, Carolina had always imagined was the back of a crouching sulking giant), a couple of go-rounds and just long enough so that all the guests had arrived and the band was in place when the bride and groom made their entrance into the cramped community center cafeteria that served as a dance hall.
I wanted to create a jungly feel but I've overshot the mark a bit.
Maybe we're expecting it because that's what they usually do in a crisis - but Chamberlain expected peace, Beckham expected to stay at Man U, Jungly Barry was expected to be Lord Lucan, and George Reynolds expected to fill his new stadium.
The drum score from former Grateful Dead member Mickey Hart made it work as an undulating, jungly piece.
She was drunk, of course, and short-sighted too, but at least she said I didn't smell obnoxiously jungly.
A mass of jungly red and tropical green and rainforest yellow, beaks and claws, blue and gold, maroon and fuchsia, feathers and birdshit, silver and pink.