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The principles of natural and positive rights recognized by law.

Jural pertains to the rights and obligations sanctioned and governed by positive law or that law which is enacted by proper authority. Jural doctrines are founded upon fundamental rules and protect essential rights and duties.

Jural principles are not the same as moral principles. Moral doctrines encompass the entire range of ethics or the science of behavior. Jural doctrines include only those areas of moral conduct that are recognized by law.

Jural denotes the state or an organized political society.


adjective according to law, de jure, founded in law, judicatory, judicial, judiciary, juridical, juristic, legal, of law, pertaining to law, recognized by law, sanccioned by law, within the law


of or relating to law or to the administration of justice.
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Following the tests proposed by Appell [1968] to determine the nature of social isolates, it is possible to define the Ranau swidden-farming community as both jurally and ritually a corporate entity.
185) Jurally, actual possession requires the court to undertake a factual and empirical examination of the nature of the possessor's use to see if the possessor behaves as a standard owner would.
Many Aboriginal languages have other regular locutions that consist of a place or country name plus some affix or similar device that indicates a group of people jurally related to that country: