jurisdiction of the court

See: judicature
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If JAMES CARRICK wishes to challenge the jurisdiction of the court or to defend the action, he should contact the Deputy Principal Clerk of Session, Court of Session, Parliament Square, Edinburgh EHI IRQ (Telephone 0131-2252595) immediately and in any event by not later than twenty one days from the date of publication of this advertisement.
This consultation relates to the award of a public contract for the realization of local cleaning services and glazing of some judicial sites within the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal of Amiens presented in single batch, namely: palace Justice Amiens, Amiens instance court center archivaage Camon, courthouse Compiegne, labor court and the commercial court of Compiegne.
In the short judgment, the bench rejected all petitions, deeming them non-maintainable and beyond the jurisdiction of the court.
Meanwhile, three children were declared as falling outside the jurisdiction of the court, whereas six more children received 15-year sentences, while three other children were proven innocent.
THE Delhi High Court on Tuesday dismissed a PIL seeking a courtmonitored CBI probe into various land deals allegedly entered into by Robert Vadra's firms, saying that the alleged transactions have taken place beyond the territorial jurisdiction of the court.
The court held its first sitting in its headquarters in Khartoum by a sitting which have included all its judges to consider an application of explanation under the item (32) of the basic agreement of the COMESA which defines the jurisdiction of the Court to interpret the texts and to give essential opinion according to the request of the Secretary General and the Member States, the Court will also hold its sitting on the l appeals level to consider all the cases before the court.
Attorney General Afzal Suleman Butt in his arguments raised the issue of the jurisdiction of the court and said that the bench should first decide whether the matter comes in its jurisdiction or not.
The declaration was lodged under article 12(3) of the Rome Statute, the founding treaty of the ICC, which enables a State not party to the Statute to accept the exercise of jurisdiction of the Court, said the ICC in a statement.
The central bank manual said, 'The SAC does not have the jurisdiction to make findings of fact or to apply a law on the facts and make a decision, whether on a certain issue or for the case at hand because those matters are within the jurisdiction of the court or arbitrator.
Applicants must have been a member of The Florida Bar for the preceding five years, be a registered voter, and be a resident of the territorial jurisdiction of the court at the time he or she assumes office.
On which Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk asked him to present his arguments on jurisdiction of the court today(Tuesday).
Summary: The Special Tribunal for Lebanon rejected all defense motions challenging the jurisdiction of the court in a decision published Monday, clearing another hurdle in the runup to trial, tentatively set to begin in March.