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Considering the abovementioned descriptions, whereas processing the terrorist issues is a undeniable necessity, some of the men of law, judges and even new jurisprudents have made these issues to be hearable as documented to some jurisprudent titles such as fighting and corruption in earth.
Voir egalement Daniel C Marson, Justin S Huthwaite et Katina Hebert, << Testamentary Capacity and Undue Influence in the Elderly: A Jurisprudent Therapy Perspective >> (2004) 28 Law & Psychol Rev 71 a la p 82.
And the troubled relationship between religion and politics since the first days of Islam rendered the establishment of an institution representing true religion a political necessity more than a jurisprudent one.
Hassan Rouhani, born on November 12, 1948, is an Iranian politician and Shiite Jurisprudent.
Addressing Wilayat Al Faqih, or rule by the jurisprudent, the theory upon which the Islamic Republic was constructed, he asserts that the system upholds both individual and communal rights, and provides scope for citizens to express their interests.
If however, you have gone through your TTO checklist and the patient is still coughing, it seems to me that it is jurisprudent medicine to do a quick bronchoscopy to identify the source of the bleeding.
The constitution stipulates that the Assembly of Experts, which consists of 86 popularly-elected clerics elected to 8-year terms, chooses the Supreme Leader based on jurisprudent qualifications and commitment to the principles of the revolution.
There is debate about the validity in Iraq of Iran's WuF concept, whereby a chosen Ja'fari jurisprudent can rule while al-Mahdi is in a state of occultation.
SIR - I do not doubt Neil Jones' jurisprudent and botanical expertise (Letters, July 4) but the simple fact remains that ragwort is highly toxic to equines.
Allawi perceives it as a monstrous betrayal that the Ayatollahs of Iran missed the opportunity to mould a unifying and revivifying Shia/Sunni consensus, by blazing instead a super-radical, neo-Shiite trail--the Rule of the Jurisprudent in one country--and thereby opened a wide door for Saudi Wahhabism to seize world-wide leadership and for those of Salafi ('Righteous Forefathers') persuasion to cynically apply ijtihad ('independent reasoning') to winding the clocks back instead of forward
In this chapter, she omits an examination of the work of John Finnis and instead chooses to examine Lon Fuller as a paradigmatic natural law jurisprudent.
They also warned that attacking the concept of Wilayat al-Faqih (the rule of the jurisprudent in Iran) by some March 14 politicians and Sunni clerics amounted to an attack on the Shiite religious doctrine.