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The comprehensiveness of this religious jurisprudential ruling is clear because:
In a wonderful and rare blend of theoretical sophistication, nuanced textual readings, and philological sensitivity, Simon-Shoshan creates a new lens through which to read the Mishnah, a lens which seeks to reveal the underlying jurisprudential presuppositions of the Mishnah via the analysis of its narrativity.
Yet we persist, failing to see the fly in our jurisprudential ointment.
On Friday, voters went to the polls to elect 88 jurisprudential experts out of more than 800 prospective candidates for the 5th Assembly of Experts.
The two-day conference acquires special significance as an activity of the Union of the Arab Constitutional Councils and Courts (UACCC), which tackles "deep constitutional and Jurisprudential topics," Al-Mutawa'a told KUNA.
They live in abject terror of their sentence being ridiculed in a higher court so they camouflage their judgments on the mercurial grounds of 'proportionality' and other jurisprudential gymnastics.
The authority of the court to order the preventive suspension of an incumbent public official has both legal and jurisprudential support," the resolution stated.
But this is a democratic stance whose basis is pretty weak because Muslims did not become democrats because they reviewed their own theological and jurisprudential sources; instead, they felt they had to be democrats and pluralists because of repression.
In addressing these questions, the author focuses on the 14th Amendment in discussing seminal cases from significant periods in our nation's history--slavery and the Civil War, Reconstruction, economic regulation and the New Deal, the post-New Deal civil rights and voting rights era--to today's legal philosophical, ideological, and jurisprudential battles over the hot-button issues of health-care reform, gay rights, and the Second Amendment.
The court's opinion paper --known as jurisprudential thesis 43/2015--does not automatically strike down the state marriage laws.
In 2007, we published a symposium in honor of his work in law and religion, a deep, critical engagement with the variety of themes in his law and religion work, (1) and, to understand how he came to these arguments, a jurisprudential and theological autobiography and bibliography.
It doesn't matter which Islamic text, whether it is a Qur'anic or jurisprudential text, or a text recounting the sayings of the Prophet Mohammad; the killers do not kill for nothing, they kill in the name of books, fatwas, ayahs and age-old tradition.