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A judge or legal scholar; an individual who is versed or skilled in law.

The term jurist is ordinarily applied to individuals who have gained respect and recognition by their writings on legal topics.


n. although it means any attorney or legal scholar, jurist popularly refers to a judge.


noun advocate, attorney, attorney-at-law, barrister, bencher, counsel, counselor, counselor-at-law, iuris consultus, iuris peritus, judge, jurisconsult, justice, lawyer, learned counsel, legal adviser, legal expert, legal practitioner, legal representative, legist, magistrate, master of jurisprudence, member of the bar, member of the legal profession, one called to the bar, pleader, practicing lawyer, practitioner of the law, procurator, prosecutor, public attorney, solicitor
Foreign phrases: Natura appetit perfectum, ita et lex.Nature seeks perfection, and so does the law. Non verbis sed ipsis rebus. leges imponimus. We do not impose laws upon words, but upon the things themselves. Leges naturae perfectissimae sunt et immutabiles; humani vero juris conditio semper in infinitum decurrit, et nihil est in eo quod perpetuo stare possit. The laws of nature are the most perfect and immutable, but the condition of human law is unending and there is nothing in it which can continue perpetually.
See also: advocate, attorney, barrister, counsel, counselor, esquire, judge, lawyer, magistrate

JURIST. One well versed in the science of the law. The term is usually applied to students and practitioners of law.

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As jurists, and even for those of us leaders in government, we need to play a leading role in closing this gap so that our Constitution can find rootedness in our societies.
38) The absence of an intermediate category can also be seen in the work of al-Mawardi's near contemporary, the Maliki theologian and jurist al-Baqillani (d.
DS: He reports in Disagreements of the Jurists that he wrote this originally as part of a debate with a Hanafi jurist in Tunisia, about ijtihad, specifically.
The basic grammar of private law in all Western systems--the organizing concepts of ownership, obligation, debtor and creditor, wrongful harm, the enforcement of promises, and so on--was created by the Roman jurists.
The piece next scrutinizes the present season, detecting that certain actions by jurists closely resemble troubling elements of measures in place before.
According to the Iranian Constitution, the Guardian Council, a 12-member body consisting of six legal experts and six Islamic jurists, is tasked with vetting legislative and presidential candidates, supervising elections and overseeing the bills passed in the nation's Majlis for conformity with Islamic principles.
COLOMBO -- Two Vice Presidents of International Council of Jurists (ICJ) and Pakistan's Chief Justice have contradicted the letter issued to President Mahinda Rajapaksa by Council President Dr.
BEIRUT: Canadian jurist Norman Farrell will likely replace Special Tribunal for Lebanon Prosecutor Daniel Bellemare, Al-Arabiya TV said Sunday.
Jurists do not reject the possibility that the Albanian PM Sali Berisha will fulfill the promise of the 90's - "that every Albanian in the world is a citizen of Albania.
The decision to bring out the laws of UAE using Braille script was taken by the Jurist association at the meeting chaired by Solicitor Zayed Saeed Al Shamisi.
Ayatollah Khomeini intended to solve this tension between religious authority and political power once and for all by implementing the idea of velayat-e faqih--or, the guardianship of the jurist.