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III, [section] 2 (Bullitt & Feland 1881) ("No person shall be a competent juryman for the trial of criminal, penal, or civil cases in any court, unless he be a white citizen, at least twenty-one years of age, a housekeeper sober, temperate, discreet, and of good demeanor.
And he suddenly realizes that "his own eyes fixed upon Angelo Passetto as unforgivingly as those of the juryman from the hills.
The screening was stopped after the juryman collapsed and people in the public gallery fled in tears.
82) Moreover, the fact "that the juror has made up his opinion, but has not heard the testimony, such an excuse only makes the case worse, for if the man have decided upon insufficient testimony, it manifests a bias that completely disqualifies him for the functions of a juryman.
it is equitable to be patient under wrong; equitable to be willing to settle by discussion rather than by force: to agree to arbitration rather than go to court--for the umpire in an arbitration looks at equity whereas the juryman sees only the law.
369) as juryman, community member, and former father thereby wrongly implies that Fentry.