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Although alternative formats and specific details of the current deduction are consequential, perhaps the most formidable question--and the one addressed here--regards the justifiability of the deduction itself as a legitimate tax policy.
For the justifiability conditions, Gury cites Aquinas, Billuart, and Carriere.
Further, the new common law power would come equipped with a new constitutionally valid power of protective search (presumably this is constitutionally allowable under the section 8 Charter guarantee of protection from unreasonable search and seizure) so long as the test of justifiability was met.
The following discussion with a RMS coordinator highlights the importance of police justification and accountability in data mining and how concerns around justifiability can create impediments to ILP:
Since the rules are intended to limit the conduct of both sides to a war, they have to avoid prescribing behavior based on judgments about the justifiability of the resort to particular wars by particular parties.
11) In this paper, we present Can-PREP's findings from the town hall discussions on restrictive measures with the view of further bolstering our empirical understanding of the justifiability of using restrictive measures to achieve public health goals.
Also, given the multiple risks it presents, the justifiability of humanitarian intervention is further constrained by a series of requirements.
In addition, he offers four reasons to prefer CLCI to originalism: workability, justifiability, descriptive superiority, and candor (pp.
In addition to statistical tests, the assessment of the logic and justifiability of established relationships was conducted following the analysis of model applicability and testing under real-world conditions.
Justice, justification and justifiability in Marlene van Niekerk's Agaat: a legal-literary exploration.
Several philosophers, religious scholars (including John Caputo), diplomats, high ranking Catholic clergy and members of the military convened in December 2004 and March 2006 to hold two symposiums on the justifiability of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in terms of St.
The chapter on common sense uses Moore's proof of the external world as a case study, and explains disputes about the scope, justifiability, and philosophical relevance of common sense claims.