justifiable excuse

See: alibi
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Exciting times for Strictly star Pasha IF there was ever a justifiable excuse needed for starting a new hobby, then dancing with pretty girls was certainly that.
Very soon after the race it became clear that her very justifiable excuse for getting beat was a fractured pelvis.
AFTER listening to many of the academic apologists during the riots, using the usual "desperation and anger derived fromdeprivation and mistreatment suffered by the underclass" as an almost justifiable excuse for the perpetrators to inflictwholesale destruction on our towns and cities reminiscent of large-scale terrorist attacks, it reminded me of the occasionwhen Cherie Blair was lambasted by nearly everybody for saying that she could understand howpeople could be driven by desperation and hopelessness to become terrorists S and suicide bombers.
He voiced that adjustment in fuel cost component on account of fuel price variation is not a justifiable excuse to overcome losses, in spite of this, the Power Distribution Companies, particularly KESC, should take concrete measures to seriously curtail its transmission and distribution losses rather than adding-on different charges to control its financial losses
Remember that anyone accused has a right to give an explanation and a justifiable excuse before being judged guilty.
That can be the only justifiable excuse for such a question.
Trying to be funny" is a justifiable excuse for calling a group of distinguished young African-American women "nappy-headed [whores]," or so says radio talk show host Don Imus about his racial slurs April 4 toward the young ladies of the Rutgers University women's basketball team.
There is no justifiable excuse for delay," said Mary Sue Coleman, co-chair of the institute's committee on the uninsured and president of the University of Michigan.
But more than half cited unscrupulous behaviour by bosses as a justifiable excuse for workplace dishonesty, according to the poll of 600 UK employees.
There will be talk of a Super Bowl hangover, but after this summer's lockout, every team have a justifiable excuse for looking a little sluggish.
However, these three, being our local MPs will, I assume, be readers of the LiverpoolECHOwhich, I amquite sure, will be only too pleased to publish their reply giving a justifiable excuse for such a claim - but then again Iwon''t hold my breath