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If Lime Street was closed off to traffic and made into one vast pedestrian square bordered by the station and hotel on one side and St George's Hall on the other, leading down to the classical frontages of the galleries and museums on WilliamBrown street, it would be a breathtaking cultural quarter that Liverpool could be justifiably proud.
The command of the division can also be justifiably proud of the praise it received from staff and members of other organisations
Americans justifiably become a very tough sell when our trust is betrayed.
And that plausibility underscores an often-overlooked problem in fighting the war on terror: The public has a justifiably cynical attitude toward all sorts of government proclamations, especially those emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Needless to say, if the government tried to establish this kind of aggressive atheism, religious believers would justifiably object.
Yet the Democrats, fresh from losing the White House to a man they heartily and justifiably detested, were itching to give Nixon a bloody nose.
Evans also laments, justifiably, the appalling lack of entomologists today.
With no definite government framework for tolls, "this is making Ontarians justifiably very nervous about the government's intentions," says Bradley.
If war were permissible in a broad sense merely for the sake of peace, merely to avenge injuries, and merely to restrain evildoers - as McBride suggests of Aquinas and Augustine - every nation could justifiably be at war with each other.
Still, King's hypergestural approach to ballet, his embrace of extreme off-center balances, the struggle (and embrace of the struggle) for equilibrium, and ongoing fracturing of balletic line have justifiably made him one of ballet's more original thinkers.
Bryson has reservations about most of his classmates, teachers and the new surroundings--and justifiably so.
Roberts acknowledges that some will argue the system justifiably protects the rights of children rather than their parents.