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He tells me that he has exposed the designs of Tchebaroff and has proof that justifies my opinion of him.
Then he printed it, and I am bound to say that the poem now justifies his doubt to me, in so much that I do not see why Heine should not have had the name of writing it if he had wanted.
One of their detectives has collected evidence which justifies them in issuing a warrant for your arrest.
I not only fail to see the joke," I rejoined, "I see something in your mother's language and your mother's behavior which justifies me in asking you for a serious explanation.
When asked by a friend why he was so particular he replied, "Why, sir, I hear that Goldsmith is a very great sloven, and justifies his disregard for cleanliness and decency by quoting my example.
I agree with Miss Cornelia that it's a scandal for a woman who isn't sick to eat her breakfast in bed, and almost justifies the men in any enormities.
And now, if you please, gentlemen, I wish to know--I demand to know; I have the right--what you have to say to me, which justifies such a tone as you have assumed, and that underhand interference in my affairs which, I have reason to suppose, you have been practising.
His workmanship thoroughly justifies the characterization 'Marlowe's mighty line,' which Ben Jonson in his tribute to Shakspere bestowed on it long after Marlowe's death.
As a matter of fact the world has a considerable respect for cleverness, whatever form it takes, and success justifies everything.
She justifies her action, asserting that she was bound to obey the eternal laws of right and wrong in spite of any human ordinance.