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Florida juts out into the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.
Peninsula: A large area of land that juts into a body of water.
When the film came out in the States, one film critic gushed: "Lopez, whose spectacular ass juts out as expressively as her swollen mouth, is terrific.
In the right foreground, a sharp piece of concrete from a pile of Big Dig rubble juts through an opening in the fence, its energy diffused by yellow and black diagonal lines semingly urging caution.
They hook up with more agreeable guardians - Billy Connolly's Uncle Monty, whose home is filled with interesting reptiles, and Streep's Josephine, a dithering paranoid who, despite worrying about everything, lives in a stilt house that juts over storm-ravaged Lake Lachrymose.
Peninsula: A piece of land that juts into a body of water, but is joined to a larger landmass.
Between these two six-storey buildings the entrance into the green foyer juts out on to the pavement as a pointed glazed corner.
When viewed from the rear, the zygomatic arch of male primates typically rises sharply near the ear and juts back into the skull, creating a trapezoidal shape, Loth contends.
What is a stretch of land that juts out into the water?
It commands a bluff-top knob that juts over one of the most scenic stretches of Pacific coastline you'll find south of San Simeon.
These look even more like Minimalist sculptures--one thinks immediately of early Robert Morris pieces like Untitled (Slab), 1962--but with their little juts and slots they are not quite geometric, and they seem almost humanoid in proportion.
The monumental entry of the Acque Felice into the city is marked by the three-arched Moses Fountain built in 1587, a somewhat ungainly structure that juts out of the Strada Pia.