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Miller juxtaposes Ben Jonson, Freud, and Lacan, whose common dream of the "spectral son" represents the originary dream of a culture founded on filial sacrifice, "a distinctly homosocial masculine pathos" (231), and "the unmourned, unrelinquished object of a forbidden desire" (255).
99) which juxtaposes technical terms, practical information and snippets of history in a somewhat surreal sequence: Vitruvius finding himself next to Vitrified, Wave crest next to Watersoluble glues.
Figure-Ground" is Oktoberfest as realized by Dali, complete with accordion, tuba oompahs, and drunken sing-along; "Turnabout" juxtaposes hillbilly fiddle with abrasive white noise.
Again and again, he juxtaposes the traditional Freudian and fresher Darwinian models and compares their vocabularies and practices (e.
Type 2 juxtaposes case history examples with practical management tips.
Lucia, juxtaposes candid presentations of his own inner life with Pissarro's venturesome tale, charming the two into a brilliant whole.
Its newest production, playing at the company's SoHo home base, the Performing Garage, juxtaposes Gertrude Stein's Dr.