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The appositional theme is further carried out in the music, which juxtaposes haunting traditional fidle and bagpipe by Alisdair Fraser and the spunky urban folk style of Ashley Maclsaac.
Greek-born (on the Island of Naoussa, Paros) American John Skordoulis has such a project, and it's timely for yet another reason -- it follows an Olympic runner's travels to the 2004 Greek Games, and juxtaposes modern-day events with the mythology of the birth of the Olympic Games, complete with gods, goddesses, and chariot races.
De Beer juxtaposes the couple with goth angel Kathleen making music alone in her room.
Lucia, juxtaposes candid presentations of his own inner life with Pissarro's venturesome tale, charming the two into a brilliant whole.
Its newest production, playing at the company's SoHo home base, the Performing Garage, juxtaposes Gertrude Stein's Dr.
Ashley Page's latest work for the Royal Ballet, Two-Part Invention, juxtaposes two very different scores: Prokofiev's Fifth Piano Concerto and Robert Moran's 32 Cryptograms for Derek Jarman--a minimalist piece that lasts just under ten minutes.
Central Toilet' juxtaposes the uptight surface behavior of Corporate America with the very personal act of using a toilet," she says.
This exhibition, organized by freelance curator Barbara Steffens, brings together a sizable group of Bacon's paintings, particularly his triptychs, and juxtaposes them with pertinent works by Velazquez, Titian, Ingres, Degas, and Picasso.
Britten planned to write solo parts for singers from three of the combatant countries involved in that conflagration (England, Germany, the Soviet Union), but the work, a masterpiece that juxtaposes parts of the Catholic mass for the dead with verses by World War I poet Wilfred Owen, has transcended its origins.
In City Water Tunnel #3, her one-woman show produced by Dancing in the Streets, she juxtaposes staggering technical statistics (physical and financial
Another, "The Ultimate Online Music Retail Guide," juxtaposes the top online music stores, comparing services and Web-related esthetics for music surfers.
At one point he juxtaposes this questionnaire with the rendering of an abstract facade painting for a high rise.