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The commercial juxtaposes this critical moment with an everyday situation - a teacher using a Duracell-powered laser pointer while educating her young class about the rain forest.
The coyly asymmetrical Double Gemini: Isabelle Miter, 1969-70, for example, pulses because of the way Zox juxtaposes tangerine, orange, blood orange, mint green, bright green, and maroon.
The Cahuilla gold deposit is localized along the major northeast trending Modoc fault, which juxtaposes Quaternary sediments to the southeast against Jurassic quartz monzonite to the northwest.
In Architectural Shadows, the largest and boldest installation in the show, Sigal juxtaposes radically different planar materials, painting some with latex in a range of corporate hues including pale green, peach, tan, and gray, and some with delicate gouche, while leaving others almost bare, naked in their "mere" utility.
The advertising creative juxtaposes striking images from recent FORTUNE stories, such as portraits of business leaders Sallie Krawcheck and Mel Karmazin, Senator John McCain and an anonymous marine poised for battle in Iraq's dessert, with seemingly incongruous one-word headlines.
In five works from the series "Conversation," a set of pastel-toned screen prints, Brooks juxtaposes two words in crisp and uniformly rendered speech balloons.
The show juxtaposes an archive of photographs taken by artists in LMCC's World Trade Center studio program from 1997-2001, and photography from the 1935-1942 Federal Writer's Project from the New York City Municipal Archives Collection.
A complex arrangement including maps, historical documents hidden beneath wooden floorboards, and an informational poster, the installation pointedly juxtaposes the situation of laborers in deindustrialized North Adams with their disenfranchised Mexican counterparts, revealing disconcerting similarities--including rampant violence against women and the encroaching presence of Wal-Mart.
Greek-born (on the Island of Naoussa, Paros) American John Skordoulis has such a project, and it's timely for yet another reason -- it follows an Olympic runner's travels to the 2004 Greek Games, and juxtaposes modern-day events with the mythology of the birth of the Olympic Games, complete with gods, goddesses, and chariot races.
The two parts of the exhibition are at once separated and united by Eric Troncy's "display," which juxtaposes Claude Closky's wallpaper and Simon Linke's painting of a magazine cover, Sometimes when I look back I know that if I hadn't been so angry I wouldn't have so much regret now, 2002.
Central Toilet' juxtaposes the uptight surface behavior of Corporate America with the very personal act of using a toilet," she says.
De Beer juxtaposes the couple with goth angel Kathleen making music alone in her room.