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Conclude with an index and bibliography and you have guides which are stand-alone references by topic, but lending to further interest and research, with chapters juxtaposing biographies of important people with social, cultural and historical introductions.
The oversized presentation and striking arrangement juxtaposing art works with recipes, cultural insights and music assures recipients receive a full taste of Zydeco culture.
From the mid-'70s to the early '80s she worked exclusively on paper, covering it with fairly tight vertical or horizontal lines, usually in ink, then juxtaposing multiple sheets on the wall or accumulating them on a horizontal surface.
Without the horizontal and vertical transparency gained by layering and juxtaposing extensive planes of glass, Nouvel's architecture could not possibly be so changeable, so memorable and so inviting to passers-by.
These idiomatic differences--coming as they do from the dancers' divergent lives--are part of the interest of Geography, and the work would have been still more interesting if Lemon had built a coherent vocabulary from his sources, rather than merely juxtaposing styles.
Her analysis draws together a vast array of passages exemplifying the laurel topos, often from disparate parts of the collection, juxtaposing poems that are early and late.
Different generations of Korean women thus provide a literary and social exploration juxtaposing memoirs with insights on family, Korean society and culture, and more, in Daughters Of The Bear: An Anthology Of Korean Women's Stories.
Despite this stylistic variety and the artist's method of juxtaposing sharply contrasting elements and phenomena, one never feels that Wallin's main interest lies in working with allusions; his films are merely the fruit of a singular eclecticism that insouciantly samples a wide range of sources and pushes them to extremes.