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Ellison is exploring an opportunity to include one of her juxtaposition artworks as a mural in a sensory garden to help promote brain fitness for a community in southern Israel.
The Juxtapositions series seeks to understand music by combining it with film and observing what the synthesis can tell us about each medium.
The role of Arrowsmith in this example is only to bring the two titles together in order to create a suggestive juxtaposition.
Thus, cartoons without any captions are often the most humorous of all, because they rely on visual puns or unusual juxtapositions.
In the sphere of pan-religious television broadcasting, this consequently leads to an eradication of real distinctions between various religious beliefs until, at last, a complete and irremediable division occurs between all other religions (a juxtaposition which subsists on subtlety) and, as history as shown, the Catholic Church (which insists on specifics).
Strange, an ordinary, unadorned word-banal now found, standing, uneasily by its juxtaposition to evil - naked in global light;
This juxtaposition of sensitive talents, though their heydays were separated by a century, is truly symbiotic art.
Chambers, the award-winning luxury art hotel, will literally overflow with art as artists from Juxtaposition Arts use chalk and watercolors to transform the sidewalk in front of the hotel.
Anna wears black clothes, boots, and eyeliner, in perfect juxtaposition with her shocking blonde hair She likes music, books, and riddles solved or unsolved, and she has written obituaries for everyone in town.
The juxtaposition of the earthy and ethereal elements came together in a critical transformation of form, function and space.
At first glance the images appear to be a collection of surrealist montages--basketball hoops and a gym horse in bizarre juxtaposition with stacked wooden pews and portraits of Lenin and Stalin above a stone pulpit.
Chris Peck's score was generated live--mostly from the manipulation of computer keyboards--and the minimal activities of the musicians seated at the side of the stage floor (Peek, Jaime Fennelly, and Stephen Rush) became a welcome juxtaposition to the horseplay onstage.