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Juxtaposition art creates a new "dimension" in accessible interpretative art and storytelling experiences as the technique creates the illusion in true 2D space, without the use of holograms or special glasses.
It is a masterful touch and fulfills the Juxtaposition series' ideal of music and film showing us things neither could alone.
Nonetheless, Arrowsmith is now able to produce large numbers of suggestive juxtapositions of Medline titles or records, and it is reasonable to expect further improvement with the accumulation of additional inelegant ad hoc empirical rules with little else to recommend them except that they seem to work.
Things become humorous when there is incongruity, or the juxtaposition of things not normally associated with one another.
The Juxtapositions series is dedicated to exploring contemporary music through the marriage of film and music.
In it, visitor circulation routes through the building are fused with circuits that suggest links and mutual influences between cultures, established through geographical juxtaposition and those trade routes so redolent of romance, such as the Silk Route that historically connected lands between India and China.
He honed his signature style--close-cropped juxtapositions of steamy sensuality and embroidered despair--in All of a Sudden, his confectionery coffee-table classic of 1995.
Returning to classical rhetoric and its reliance on a form of mental writing, evocative images which function as text, Martin works from a bibliography of predominantly structuralist orientation, focusing on patterns, locations and juxtapositions within the Essais.
Freshness comes from constantly tinkering and playing with these elements to create exciting juxtapositions.
But he also reserves some praise for this folly because art, after all, remains creative, however aborted into juxtapositions its bisociations become.
With style to burn and a knack for building tension via sound juxtapositions and unnervingly mobile camera work when he's not assaulting you with truly curdling images, director Mathieu Kassovitz (``La Haine'') knows how to keep an audience hooked, even as his richly insinuating narrative (based on co-scripter Jean-Christophe Grange's novel) fizzles into something decidedly less intricate - and a lot more hackneyed - than we're led to expect.
According to Moore, the best architects Gehry, Ito, Koolhaas, Nouvel, Herzog and de Meuron - perform a kind of balancing act, making virtues of the qualities of this strange new world, 'its weird shifts of scale, its juxtapositions of the local and the global, the physical and the immaterial, its odd misapplications of imagery', without falling into the abyss of out and out consumerism.