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CADI. The name of a civil magistrate among the Turks.

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Speaking at the hand-over ceremony, Hambiaouris, who served under Kadis as a civil servant at the ministry, said only with everyone's co-operation can the island achieve quality upgrade of the education system.
Our Government, Mr Kadis said, focuses on ensuring quality in education and for this reason the Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education was established, in order to provide a healthy and reliable Higher Education system and to increase foreign students interest to study in Cyprus.
It's simple and easy to operate," says Kadis, whose vegetable garden measures 400 feet long by 250 feet wide.
It was common talk among the reaya that kadis could be bought for a few miserable akce.
During drills, a loud siren would wail," Kadis told JS.
It plans to set up information kiosks at public shopping centers around Baltimore where people can access the Internet and the library's electronic resources, Kadis says.
According to an official announcement, Kadis departed on Sunday for Tbilisi, following the invitation of the Minister of Education and Science Mikhail Chkhenkeli.
In his intervention, Minister Kadis referred to the policies implemented in Cyprus in order for the issue to be addressed and enhance youngsters confidence in the institutions, noting that key subject is shaping and adopting the Youth National Strategy, prepared by the Cyprus Youth Organization.
Michael Kadis, President Larry Kadis, Vice-President 8200 Bessemer Ave.
Kelmoore Investment Company announced today that Max Kadis has been hired as the firm's new Director of Operations.
Some 880 students set to graduate this year will be exempt from paying fees to sit university entrance exams this year, Education Minister Costas Kadis announced on Wednesday, after cabinet approved the move along with a national strategy to combat and prevent violence in schools.