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KEA yesterday said it had no intention of postponing or reorganising its march.
Investors writing on the Kea Petroleum discussion board were cautiously optimistic after last month's disappointment at the Beluga-1 well.
HORROR HOUSE Rural scene of the tragedy yesterday; SEALED OFF Police close road in hamlet of Porth Kea as forensic officers arrive; HUNT FOR CLUES Forensic experts begin work
About 1,500 Mauna Kea silverswords were successfully outplanted by the Division of Forestry and Wildlife between 1973 and 1998.
Asked about the tensions between KEA and the organisers of the multi-cultural street party, Makrides said: "We don't want problems or trouble and we are ready to go to the human rights court if they do anything nasty.
An earlier dispute surrounding the name of Capel's Meacham's new business, originally to be called Kea Capel Inc.
The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources' Division of Forestry and Wildlife initiated a program in the 1970's to promote the recovery of the Mauna Kea silversword.
3 square miles (50 square kilometers) 3D seismic survey bought by KEA.
Hiromitsu Miyata of Kyoto University in Japan first presented keas with boxes of food secured with up to three bolts.
Jiang's team used the Subaru Telescope atop Manna Kea to measure the scattering and polarization of near-infrared light from the protostar.
The Mauna Kea Beach Hotel will celebrate its 40th anniversary next year, and although competing resorts now string south along the Kohala Coast like puka shells in a bracelet, it still maintains a marvelous sense of seclusion.