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Unfortunately it hid its grey body, with a neat black cap and rusty undertail in thick gorse, leaving the vast majority frustrated, but keen-eyed observers then spotted a rare red eyed vireo just a few hundred yards away
Keen-eyed students have spotted the opportunity to clear their loans and are calling in in their thousands.
Indeed, Bartel will be remembered as a witty and keen-eyed observer of human behavior, and even his most outrageous films convey truths about people and society.
But the former quiz show host, who has been a recluse since selling his TV firm for pounds 175million four years ago, was sussed by keen-eyed locals.
Keen-eyed youngsters can often spot the faces of their guides in the paintings.
Yet amid a grim year, one keen-eyed observer of Downtown Manhattan detects reasons to be hopeful: Raymond T.
While online, visitors also have the opportunity to contribute to New Media Madness, a whimsical media memoir begun by keen-eyed agency observer Lou Slips.
A KEEN-EYED passport girl saved a couple's holiday.
Yesterday, the Melrose clubhouse was packed as keen-eyed fans watched action replays in a bid to identify her.