keenly sensitive

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He was keenly sensitive, hopelessly self-conscious, and the amused glance that the other stole privily at him over the top of the letter burned into him like a dagger- thrust.
He is keenly sensitive, and in a more delicately discriminating way than any of his predecessors, to all the external beauty and glory of Nature, especially inanimate Nature--of mountains, woods and fields, streams and flowers, in all their infinitely varied aspects.
There is no moment in the life of man, when he is so keenly sensitive on the subject of the perfection of his mistress, as that in which he completely admits her power.
For a moment we caught a glimpse of the natural man, impulsive, ardent, keenly sensitive.
Given that major political parties in Pakistan on either end of the spectrum were all keenly sensitive to the idea of normalizing ties with India, participants observed that Modis turn towards hard conditionality was that the international environment as overwhelming favourable towards India.
If the poet-protagonists of recent novels by Ben Lerner and Nicholson Baker are to be believed, contemporary poets are keenly sensitive to the kind of charlatanism Simpson describes because they tend to see themselves as frauds.
Bonino is of the view that Iran is keenly sensitive to the chemical weapons issue, given that in the first Gulf War, when they were used by Saddam Hussein, such weapons cost Tehran more than 100,000 lives.
They built, in Masdar City, the region's largest grid-connected solar power plant using sustainable construction methods, remaining keenly sensitive to the architectural aesthetic of the emirate.
Murchison: Right now, I see clients using outside counsel very selectively in light of the economic climate--most of those I know are keenly sensitive to pressure to control cash outlays.
Prior to relocating to Michigan, he worked in the Pacific Northwest and Chicago areas, and established a track record as an action-oriented professional keenly sensitive to market needs.
Market participants still remain concerned about the credit crisis and have become keenly sensitive to its repercussions on the global economy,'' said Toru Umemoto, chief foreign exchange strategist at Barclays Bank, adding that with upcoming economic data ''likely to prove that the economy (around the world) is worsening'' the euro and dollar may fall further against the yen.
As an animal lover I was keenly sensitive to the chickens that made that entire operation possible, and I can state without reservation that the care, love and concern that make Mepkin Abbey such a sacred place extend to every living creature on the grounds.