keep alive

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I guessed I wouldn't stay in one place, but just tramp right across the country, mostly night times, and hunt and fish to keep alive, and so get so far away that the old man nor the widow couldn't ever find me any more.
But both players returned to the tour after a couple of years out and now Henin, 28 - twice a runner-up in SW19 - has to get past her old pal and Fed Cup team-mate to keep alive her dream of bagging a first Wimbledon title.
But Turner knows he must stay in the top flight to keep alive his international hopes.
1 -- color) To keep alive their cultural traditions, Japanese sugar-cane workers in Kauai established the Jodo Mission in 1910.
Elsewhere two Brian Burke goals helped Bryntirion keep alive their promotion prospects with a 2-2 home draw against Morriston while Ammanford beat Caldicot 2-1 thanks to a brace of goals by Paul Hughes.
In fact, by increasingly obfuscating the profound reason for the celebration of His birth, modern man's culture and habits of life are unable to keep alive the truths of Christianity.
It's a flow chain that we've got to keep alive (and) it's really operating well at the moment.
Doctors were yesterday analysing a High Court order instructing them to keep alive an ailing 91-year-old widow at the centre of a legal battle which could set new precedents for the treatment of the elderly in UK hospitals.
One mode of resistance, Johnson suggests, is to fight physically, another to keep alive the cultural traditions that give meaning to those who fight enslavement.
Its goal: to keep alive -- not just preserve -- this incredible legacy, created by a man who was quite aware that his work might be blown away with the sands of time.
Whitfield's book indicates that, in killing Till, two white southerners only put another nail in the coffin of the very thing they were trying to keep alive.
In its ninth decade, the Foreign Policy Association continues to help keep alive the flame of responsible internationalism.