keep an appointment

See: rendezvous
References in classic literature ?
He felt certain that she would not keep an appointment.
Like one anxious to keep an appointment, she frequently consulted her watch, looking long at it, as if it were one of those watches that do not give up their secret until you have made a mental calculation.
However, if patients fail to keep an appointment and they can't offer a genuine substantiated reason not to have notified the hospital, they should be fined.
The 25-year-old had been released on a bail condition that he complied with the Drugs Intervention Programme, but was arrested after failing to keep an appointment with the service on August 20.
You also have to keep an appointment book and earn money to make the salon a success.
But assuming there is a good reason why patients cannot keep an appointment, it is vital they ring up as soon as possible and cancel.
She was reported missing after she failed to keep an appointment on December 29 with social services officials.
The 48-year-old woman was assaulted when she went alone to an empty property in Market Lavington, near Devizes, to keep an appointment made over the telephone.
He needs to make it to the aforementioned Ballroom Dancing & Charm School to keep an appointment with a childhood sweetheart, Lisa.
She was found lying on the stairs at her home in Allensgreen, Cramlington, Northumberland, when a police officer broke in after she failed to keep an appointment with a community psychiatric nurse.
Young people aged 16-34 have been identified as those most likely to fail to keep an appointment.
How very different to self-pitying, sullen-faced Ferdinand who brought all his troubles on himself by failing to keep an appointment for a drugs test.