keep busy

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Hope and keep busy, and whatever happens, remember that you never can be fatherless.
She was one to keep busy doing something with her hands and mind, especially since the passing of her husband 12 years ago.
I want to keep busy and I think keeping busy is the most important thing.
Raheela, who is mother of two children talking to reporter said To become volunteer is a great way for kids to keep busy during the summer.
To keep busy she embarks on a biography of Branwell Bronte and meets slippery Alex Symington.
The former maths lecturer at South Tyneside College retired 11 years ago and set up the website to keep busy.
YOUNGSTERS with a flair for cricket can book up to keep busy for the summer holidays at a borough sports club.
But manager Dean Powell wants his prospect to keep busy and asked promoter Nick Hodges to include him on Merthyr's first pro event for more than six years.
To keep busy, he bags groceries and becomes friendly with a checkout clerk.
No literally, I had to keep it out of my mind and just keep busy in the house.
He can keep busy sorting through the items and reading the left-behind books--and it is a journal he finds that starts this action.
In Toronto recently on a visit to the Anglican Church of Canada partnerships department, the bishop, who is also chaplain of Sri Lanka's National Christian Council, said that the churches keep busy selling the peace.