keep driving

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what drives my father to keep driving through me night after night
The article goes on to say that victims can help themselves by coughing repeatedly and very vigorously until they get to the hospital To me, it seems stupid and hazardous for a person to keep driving when having a heart attack.
The decision to allow cancer outreach nurse Rachael Bannister-Young to keep driving despite two speeding infringements in one day (meaning enough points to be automatically disqualified) suggests a willingness to realise what not having her drive to her next appointment really means.
The Peebles offered him a lift to a nearby convenience store, but, as they approached the store, Eizember pulled his handgun and ordered them to keep driving.
Mark Ferelli: I'm going keep driving on cost-related issues for a moment.
At the next rest stop, we all got out of the van and faked like we wanted to eat, and then fake-changed our minds and said "Let's keep driving.
They fired on the second car as it drove by, wounding the driver, who managed to keep driving for a while until he stopped and died.
He took it up before the second last on Edward Wallace's French import but the top weight wandered under pressure on the run-in and Williamson had to keep driving for all he was worth to hold Samasakhan.
The basic half-nelson at Level Two involves a 1:00 o'clock direction of drive if you are on the opponent's left and to keep driving at 1:00 o'clock until the opponent is trapped on his one-on-one shoulder.
I'm looking forward to working with Ross Mason [Mule creator] and the rest of the engineering team to continue the evolution of the Mule platform, and to keep driving new tools and capabilities for MuleSource subscribers.
Ms Brady told Radio Foyle: "He started shouting, 'Keep driving straight, keep driving straight', so I kept driving.
If you need to make a phone call or send a text, it is much safer to pull over rather than keep driving.