keep off

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Robert Mukhwana, national secondary schools sports association deputy secretary general, said they will work closely with ADAK to help young players keep off the drugs.
Stair-climbing is a great way to burn calories: Kelly Brownell at Yale has estimated that walking up and down two flights of stairs just once a day for a year will keep off six pounds.
This one in burned orange from La Redoute will keep off the autumn chill.
FIRE fighters have warned residents to keep off frozen lakes and ponds as the temperature is set to plummet again over coming days.
Please keep off the pavement before someone gets killed.
Wear yours with denim and a fur gilet to keep off the spring chill.
Clean and lubricate gardening tools Keep off the lawn if it's wet or frosty.
If you want to keep off lost weight, step on the scale every day.
One challenge in the struggle to keep off pounds is the constant presence of food in all human life and the need to dine away from home when portions for sale are gargantuan.
In another study, Arne Astrup of the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University in Copenhagen and his colleagues found that topiramate helps diabetes patients keep off extra weight.
The winner will also win support to keep off the tobacco.