keep pending

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The law and justice sector in the province as well as the country has been a matter of grave concern for the general public that keep yearning for pursuing their cases for the want of money and their cases keep pending in the courts for years, and even for decades.
Owners wishing to keep pending real estate transactions confidential or who already feel burdened by New York City's labyrinth of endless regulatory obstacles face potentially crippling new requirements.
Acting SSP (Traffic) said that policemen have to perform duties in various circumstances and also in odd timings, which keep pending their family or other social matters.
JX declined to comment on the fate of the 10,000 b/d import contract that NIOC had allowed it to keep pending for renewal.
XXXII of 2009) and decided to keep pending the Bill till next meeting.
He and the rest of the production staff work very hard to keep pending plots under wraps, but what he will say is that there's a lot to look forward to during the 13-episode run.
Now it has become the regular feature of management to keep pending the agreed demands.