keep prepared

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Availability of blood of all groups will be ensured in the hospitals and it has been directed to keep prepared list of blood donors.
Less Food Waste: Don't forget airtight plastic storage containers to help keep prepared foods fresh while transporting them to parties and tailgates.
Meantime, the lawmaker underlined that the country should always keep prepared to confront any possible aggression by enemies.
The other contract was for base operations at the King Salmon airport, an old Cold War facility the government wanted to keep prepared for feeding and housing troops in case it was needed for short-notice training missions.
Cook's Tip: After cooking, keep prepared fish at or above 135[degrees]F or chill them below 41[degrees]F, as bacteria multiply rapidly between 41[degrees]F and 135[degrees]F.
McKeown added: "Delivering improved shelf life is also key to reducing food waste and fits in with WRAP's 'Love Food, Hate Waste' campaign, that recommends consumers keep prepared fresh produce in the original packaging and refrigerate.
If you haven't got time to cook in the day, try snacking on chicken or raw vegetables which you can keep prepared in your fridge.
If I were working for an insurance company, I would be concerned how teams are prepared and keep prepared.
A warming oven to keep prepared foods fresh and crisp, with a proofing feature for quick rising of dough
To keep prepared waffles warm and prevent them from getting soggy while preparing others, place them directly on the racks of a 200AF oven.
With the growing volume of network intrusions, IT staffs are often too overloaded with incidents to keep prepared.