keep quiet

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CAMILLE Holley should keep quiet or man up and take some responsibility for Ryan's predicament.
I think I can keep quiet, but I'm so guilty, how can I forget?
Second, in seasons when the forest provided only a little bit of food, monkeys tended to keep quiet when they found bananas.
I'd keep quiet, keep getting to know her - and you may get your hands on more than just her bra.
Bishop Ramento was an energetic, passionate man of faith, never one to keep quiet on the injustices experienced by the people of the Philippines.
Neill told her assistant coach Norm Dahlia about it, but tried to get him to keep quiet.
The case is an object lesson in civics--the concept of a citizen who could not keep quiet when he felt his players were being shortchanged because of their gender.
Because the ransom is small, people tend to pay up and keep quiet.
When social studies teacher Elaine Kotler mentioned her opposition to the Iraqi war in her middle-school classroom, she was told to keep quiet.
Kids often keep quiet for fear of being harassed even more if they report [an incident]," says Mike Domitz.
Lesson #2, keep quiet when situations arise Don't roil the waters.