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It must contain sound and project it, with walls of a certain thickness to keep sound in, and concert spaces of a certain height to let sound bloom.
Until then, don't forget to keep safe, keep sound and laugh lots.
The DPJ's defeat in diplomacy was a result of failure to keep sound relations with the United States," said Abe, known for his hawkish views on foreign policy.
This is a great win for the family and the yard, because he' not the easiest horse to keep sound.
Aldaniti was an incredibly hard horse to keep sound and Champion had only recently recovered from cancer, but the pair powered to victory, immortalised in the film 'Champions'.
In addition, they would keep sound level records to show to the police.
The pair teamed up to land the race in 2005 and 2006 but Katarino, who is difficult to keep sound, has been restricted to a single start in a point-to-point since his second success.
The MTA had gone to great lengths to prevent noise when it was planning the busway, putting up soundwalls across the San Fernando Valley and using rubberized asphalt in some locations to keep sound down.
The eight-year-old has not been the easiest horse to keep sound, but is currently in great heart.
He's been a nightmare to keep sound and he's been an underachiever because of that.
Then he went in search of a material to attach to the back of the townhouses to keep sound out.

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