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A CLUB which founded the Huddersfield cricket league hopes some Wish 2013 cash will keep the ball rolling.
And it is also aiming to help keep the ball rolling on progress made by senior team players, to keep them competing at the highest level across the country.
Now we want to get a couple more wins and keep the ball rolling.
My job is to keep the ball rolling," said Rogers, 30, who has worked at the company since 2002.
Speaking of the Cylinder & Slide shop, Bill has introduced a rugged, kick-butt fighting 1911 to help keep the ball rolling during the 100th birthday of design.
Australia, fresh from an unbeaten home summer against West Indies and Pakistan, are keen to keep the ball rolling on the tour.
With the new Fiesta having led the way in this September extravaganza, Ford has decided to keep the ball rolling for this cracking little car by tweaking the line-up to widen its appeal.
We're up to fourth in the IRB rankings now and we need to keep the ball rolling coming into the next World Cup.
The responsibility is not just on my shoulders - all the players have got a responsibility to keep the ball rolling.
Netanyahu, he did what he thought he had to do to keep the ball rolling and not completely alienate the United States initiative," Clinton added.
To keep the ball rolling on these activities, and to update SBTC members on the current legislative situation, SBTC holds a monthly conference call for SBTC members.
Coming off a record year, we wanted to keep the ball rolling," he said, adding that membership in DA made good business sense for his company.