keep watch

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The announcement, and earlier reports that British and Norwegian warplanes had scrambled to keep watch on Russian bombers, raised concern that Russia was stepping up efforts to intimidate the West.
We had to cook, clean, keep watch, but it was fantastic.
color) Sheriff's Detective Mark Machanic, left, and Deputy Erich Doeking keep watch for a sniper who fired a shot at deputies after they served a search warrant Thursday at an apartment on Fifth Street East and Avenue Q-3 in Palmdale.
Still, scientists keep watch because a severe magnetic change would spell disaster.
While some industry experts were unsure at press time whether verdicts would be reached by year end, life insurers continue to keep watch on the cases and what the lawsuits might mean for the industry.
At the opening inquest into her death in January, Powys coroner Geraint Williams was told that staff had been instructed to keep watch over her.
Surmising that the thief would return later to retrieve the booty, Larsen decided to keep watch.
Carders keep watch and know when to expect the new rates, and they are posted right on time.