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It took just a day for the company's engineers to perform the cut along the stretch of kerb and caused no disruption on the busy street - allowing the Cafe Royals clientele to come and go without any problem, as well as allowing other retail outlets to continue trading as normal.
Mr Eastlake said: "There should be some signs up explaining the kerb lines, it's just confusing.
The man's conviction is the latest in West Midlands Police's Operation Scarlet -- a continuing crackdown on kerb crawlers.
Franchisees also get a specially designed personalised road trailer, marketing materials and all the support necessary for a Kwik Kerb licenced operator to earn a significant income.
The departures kerb features a sidewalk in Belgian bluestone, lined with railings, which prevent passengers with luggage from crossing the road at random.
The thicker steel grade means that during installation the kerbs do not need supporting.
To qualify for a dropped kerb, 50 per cent of the adjacent properties must have one.
CONSIDER OTHERS Power chair rider Margaret Jenkins asks drivers not to park on dropped kerbs.
The first week witnessed decline by 3 paisa in inter-bank rate and 30 paisa in kerb rate (buying).
30: The Daily Mirror contacted the Department of Environment to establish legal status of kerb painting.
Magill, a teacher at a primary school in Sandwell, was arrested for kerb crawling on August 16 following a police crackdown to rid the city streets of vice girls and kerb crawlers.
Mr Straw said: "I am very aware of the nuisance caused by the activities of kerb crawlers.