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He added: "When we received our quote, we spoke to our neighbour who told us she wasn't going ahead with the dropped kerb.
The planned removal of the kerb left Marky's mum "heartbroken" according to Stacey.
He said: 'The cost of dropping kerbs certainly needs looking at.
Many factors contributed to the sharp acceleration in the inflow of remittances which include improvements in economic fundamentals, confidence of expatriate Pakistanis on the economic management of the country, crackdown on hundi/hawala system in the Middle East and other parts of the world, virtual elimination of premium between the inter-bank and kerb market exchange rates.
However, our priority is the safety of staff who will not remove paint from kerbs without the support of the local community.
It took just a day for the company's engineers to perform the cut along the stretch of kerb and caused no disruption on the busy street - allowing the Cafe Royals clientele to come and go without any problem, as well as allowing other retail outlets to continue trading as normal.
KERBS made from recycled plastic waste will be used in a new Tyneside development.
Two men have recently been convicted of kerb crawling offences in Birmingham, and another man is due in court in the next few weeks.
For instance, every time I go to Llanrumney to visit my children, I am forced on to the road because Countisbury shops have only one dropped kerb outside the Spar shop and there are always cars parked across it.
But by far the biggest worry is the rise in kerb crawling offences.
West Midlands Police is believed to be the first force in the country to consider using the ASBOs for kerb crawlers.
The kerb issue was raised at the last tenants meeting and Coun Ram Lakha has said he will look into the situation," she said.