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Secondly there are Critical Illness Policies which could provide crucial funds if a Key Person was to suffer a defined critical illness such as heart attack, a cancer or stroke, or become totally disabled and unable to continue to work.
This involves identifying key persons, groups, or organizations having responsibility or potential impact on achieving the center's goals.
Key person protection helps safeguard a business against the financial effects of death, terminal illness, or critical illness of a key person.
Staff do not ensure that parents are aware of the details of their child's key person.
A key-person disability contract can be developed to assist the company with some cash flow or reimbursement while trying to replace the key person, as the company may lose revenue, incur extra costs or even see a dip in morale while that person is ill.
All too often the impact of an enforced change of ownership or loss of a key person, through illness or death, can have a devastating effect; but these disruptive and monetary consequences could have been avoided.
BSE director Fouad Rashid delivered the welcome speech at the workshop on "Guidelines on Issuers' Key Person Dealing Policies".
Over 75 officials representing listed companies, brokers and custodians attended the workshop on "Guidelines on Issuers' Key Person Dealing Policies".
These solutions included business succession and retirement planning, executive benefit plans and key person insurance.
The key person buy-out agreement is one means of providing for the complete disposition of a business interest.
As so many of us are still suffering from the setbacks of recession, SMEs are particularly at risk should they lose the key person in their business.
THE PRINCIPAL FINANCIAL GROUP, Des Moines, has introduced two new ways to insure businesses against the threat of a disability with a key person replacement insurance policy and the business loan protection rider.