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Similarly, subpoints for a key point should not be revealed one by one, in "suspense" fashion, but previewed as you begin to discuss that key point.
Summary of key point #1] Now, let's look at the proposed solution, a system with automatic feedback control.
Similarly, the border between key points #2 and #3 may be blurred if you offer many intricate arguments for point #2.
The National Key Points Act has been criticised in the recent past for being based on old apartheid legislation.
To address both the criticism of the Act as well as its current application, during our Budget Vote debate in May this year I announced that I had appointed a Committee to look at the Act, audit current key points and to then advise me on the way forward.
The Committee s scope of consultation and review focused on both local and international practices and approaches, because in the main the maintenance of National Key Points is not a unique trend to South Africa but an international practice, at both developing and developed economies, he stated.
Supply and installation of three (3) Local Stations Water (TSY) at key points in the distribution network interconnections of Water areas of Agia Marina and the required equipment where these automatically adjust the pressure of the network (PRV), benefits and pressure measured in Focal points of the zones of transient phenomena.
Supply and installation (4) Local Stations Data Collection (NPT) at key points of the distribution network in the zones.
The coach must also make sure to focus only on the key points of the movement, as the average person has a limited capacity to acquire and store meaningful information on a new task (Schmidt).
As a rule of thumb, he should limit each demonstration to two or three key points and cue in on these points during the demonstration.
FEZ legend Frank Borelli and I presented the key points to the NYSE's special committee.