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David Okerlund, Closing Keynoter, entertains a packed room.
The $15,000 grant allowed the local office to share the expenses of the keynoter from the Statewide Administrator's Conference with the annual Winter Section Conference, enabling the section to provide a top quality program for members and nonmembers.
You totally misconstrue ("Let free speech ring," Schwab, October) the substance of the objections to the engagement of Hanan Ashrawi at Colorado College as the keynoter for its symposium entitled "September 11: One Year Later.
3-5, at the San Diego Convention Center, features keynoter Charles Levine, president of Sprint PCS.
In future months, look for news about an expanded agenda, expert panelists and keynoter.
The words of the keynoter at a Holy Land Foundation event in Los Angeles, a Hamas military leader, are revealing.
And then there was Armey's necessary but uncomfortable segue into praising Newt Gingrich, the evening's keynoter.
The other keynoter was Kevin Howlett, a member of the tribal council of the Salish-Kootenai Confederated Tribes.
And he is an increasingly popular keynoter at state Democratic Party dinners.
Keynoter Rosemary Radford Ruether called for "Christology to manifest the universality and inclusivity Christ proclaimed in redeeming us from the bondage of sin.
Conner Warren, executive vice president of Citation Corporation, AFS president and conference keynoter, reported that U.