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If an idiom has a literal counterpart, then both are symbolised in the same way -- that is the post-semantic idiomatic kick the bucket is literalized into its original meaning (literalization being the opposite of symbolisation, the process of conversion from post-semantic to semantic arrangement).
The party will be filmed for the next episode of Before I Kick The Bucket, which is likely to be shown after Christmas or in the new year, although the date has not yet been con-firmed.
You don't have to be ready to kick the bucket to consider what you want to get done in your lifetime.
Deep Sore Throat, Get Catheter, The Spy Who Loved ME, Broken Back Mountain, Catscan On A Hot Tin Roof, The Night Of The General's Anaesthetic, Kick The Bucket List, The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Pharmacy, Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Kidney Stone.
From the campfire pop of Kick The Bucket to the barbed Generation Spent, it is above all an honest album, Winston's untreated vocal adding soul to hummable tunes.
I've created a bucket list of things to do before I kick the bucket and she's helping me do them.
THIS isn't a film set in a hardware store, it's about two old gents - wealthy, unpleasant Jack Nicholson and hard-working, dull Morgan Freeman - who meet when they're dying, and list everything they want to do before they kick the bucket.
Take a load off, and mull this yarn over, lest ye kick the bucket before you get a lick of sense, smart aleck.