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I jumped out, almost unconscious, rail up the steps and began knocking and kicking at the door.
Thus to the very first proposals which Boxtel made to Gryphus to filch the bulbs which Cornelius van Baerle must be supposed to conceal, if not in his breast, at least in some corner of his cell, the surly jailer had only answered by kicking Mynheer Isaac out, and setting the dog at him.
When they were kicking they had braced themselves with their front legs, but now they all stood or sat upright on their hind legs and used the front ones as arms.
It was one of the brimstone-and-treacle mornings, and Mrs Squeers had entered school according to custom with the large bowl and spoon, followed by Miss Squeers and the amiable Wackford: who, during his father's absence, had taken upon him such minor branches of the executive as kicking the pupils with his nailed boots, pulling the hair of some of the smaller boys, pinching the others in aggravating places, and rendering himself, in various similar ways, a great comfort and happiness to his mother.
You don't really want to drive that ball through that scrummage, chancing all hurt for the glory of the School-house, but to make us think that's what you want--a vastly different thing; and fellows of your kidney will never go through more than the skirts of a scrummage, where it's all push and no kicking.
said the goblin, kicking up his feet in the air on either side of the tombstone, and looking at the turned-up points with as much complacency as if he had been contemplating the most fashionable pair of Wellingtons in all Bond Street.
At first, he began to doubt the reality of his adventures, but the acute pain in his shoulders when he attempted to rise, assured him that the kicking of the goblins was certainly not ideal.
1 -- color) The Dallas Cowboys signed Mike Vanderjagt in hopes of putting their recent kicking woes behind them.
Five budding Stephen Joneses have been putting their best kicking foot forward in the hope of winning pounds 50,000.
After embarrassing attempts at kicking with all my might, I was rescued by one of the super-experienced instructors.
When you can kick the ball every time, see if you can step forward with the opposite foot--the foot you are not kicking with--just before you kick the ball.