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Also it is quite kiddish to read this comment pointing out that "NDA did not win even 50 per cent of votes".
You must go to shul every Friday night after I light the Shabbis candles, and you must come home and sit at the table and make kiddish over the kosher sweet red wine that you hate and think is low-class ghetto poison and sing the z'meeris after the chicken that my father sang and then recite the bentshn after the prunes comput and the Gelusil tablet.
Kiddish Yiddish: Jewish Traditions & Culture in Rhyme is an educational children's book that uses brief, catchy rhymes to teach young readers the pronunciations and meanings of certain Yiddish and Hebrew words.
And at first sight this seems to betray kiddish tendencies.
BRITNEY APPARENTLY PLANNING A KABBALAH WEDDING MICHAEL COLTON So the Himozi is the blessing over the bread, the Kiddish is the blessing over the wine, I don't know what the blessing over the red bull is.
Nush, 24, adds: "Big Brother Four was far too tame and very kiddish.
After the soaring sales success of its Toca Touring Car games, the whizzkid brothers (perhaps not so kiddish anymore having both turned 30) have come up with an amazing game for the cricket fanatic.
Thus, since men and women's obligation is the same for kiddish, a women can fulfill this obligation for a man.
I have stopped listening to Radio Voice because it has become so kiddish, with DJs that stammer.
Services and kiddish lunch celebrating the beginning of the Torah reading cycle will be at 9:45 a.
A barrel-chested, square-jawed boy from one of those vast network of working class Northside suburbs, Murphy has a kiddish innocence off the pitch, though he always oozes charisma.