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Each KIND Healthy Grains bar contains 19 to 22 grams of such whole grains as amaranth, quinoa, millet, buckwheat and gluten-free oats.
On this interpretation, we would expect to find named forms lying between each greatest kind and the atomic species.
Which kind of sucks because I guess that means I'm going to have to play the McGill character.
But after working for many years for some of the most prestigious architectural practices in the city--FXFowle Architects, among them--he was ready for the kind of opportunity Magnusson Architecture had to offer.
1031(a)-2(c)(3), Example 1, Taxpayer K exchanges a copyright on a novel for a copyright on a different novel; these properties were of a like kind.
Various people are trying to think about whether you could build a regulatory agency, a kind of hyped-up FDA that dealt with more than just safety issues and dealt with some of the broader issues.
But given the course of large-scale exhibitions, it seems not unreasonable to wonder what projects in this vein we've seen in 2005--projects, that is, that engage a site, but primarily to bleed into or provide a Borgesian map of it, making the environment of a piece with the work, the whole then seeming (forgive my rhetorical leap of faith) at once fictional and real, remote and close, virtual and present, a kind of intimate mediascape.
Afterward, when I got down to the last 100 people, he started to get kind of serious and he was like, "Yeah, you've got to try your hardest.
With her plump breasts and rounded belly, Wender is not the kind of dancer we're used to seeing in the buff.
First, so far no results of any kind can be attributed to the use of embryonic cells; and, secondly, as Father Michael Prieur, a moral theologian at St.
They force the rest of the characters who come in contact with them to have some kind of reaction.
But get this, Howard: Cumbaa says, "There are a Lot of colleges and universities that struggle with the transition of their students becoming alumni, simply because they don't have the same infrastructure to support that kind of alumni interaction on the Web.