kind act

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A kind act," replied the Ostrich, "is its own reward; I have eaten the keys.
Somehow the kind act finished her despondency, and when all the rest went to show themselves to Mrs.
Polly danced all over the room, Bess and Becky hugged one another, and Kate laughed with her eyes full, while even Fanny felt a glow of, pride and pleasure at the kind act.
said Maggie, starting up with a smile of pleased recognition, for there had been no abundance of kind acts to efface the recollection of Bob's generosity; "I'm so glad to see you.
So the virtuous elephant who had waited temperately and done kind acts was relieved, at the appointed time, by the very calf whom he had turned aside to cherish - let all listen to the Tataka
So, thanks so much to them for this kind act of remembrance.
Charity head Adela Appleby said: "It's an incredibly kind act from Aaron and from everyone at the hospital and charity, we couldn't be more thankful.
The fans earn U4G kindness points for every kind act, and can then redeem their points for rewards and one-of-a-kind experiences on the unite4:good platform.
So rather than simply saying "thank you" to the person who held the door open, try focusing on how you feel about the person who did that kind act.
This year, we wanted to show that there is power in numbers, and that one kind act fueled by drive and compassion can create a movement that everyone can believe in," says Karen McFarlane, MHVC Fundraising Committee Chair.
We don't - in fact, there's no better a story than one about some kind act or other.
It's widely recognised that kindness creates a ripple effect; people who have been the receiver of a kind act then often go on to be kind themselves.