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In considering both the reproductive parts of females among the blooded animals and the various modes of reproduction, the kind of fish is divided with the cartilaginous fish (that give birth to live offspring) and the scaly fish (that lay eggs) falling into different classes.
The male 18-to-34 age demographic that devours this kind of stuff might actually be skewing younger here, Thompson says.
So here's this guy Alex about to get into a fight with Cornbread, and I was a little worried because Alex is kind of built like me (sort of a chicken leg physique) and Cornbread is fairly thick.
But after working for many years for some of the most prestigious architectural practices in the city--FXFowle Architects, among them--he was ready for the kind of opportunity Magnusson Architecture had to offer.
Various people are trying to think about whether you could build a regulatory agency, a kind of hyped-up FDA that dealt with more than just safety issues and dealt with some of the broader issues.
But given the course of large-scale exhibitions, it seems not unreasonable to wonder what projects in this vein we've seen in 2005--projects, that is, that engage a site, but primarily to bleed into or provide a Borgesian map of it, making the environment of a piece with the work, the whole then seeming (forgive my rhetorical leap of faith) at once fictional and real, remote and close, virtual and present, a kind of intimate mediascape.
I wonder: Is there some kind of government price-support program in play here that I don't know about?
Everything that people see in me now is kind of a hodgepodge of all these people who I've been able to study up close and personal.
The kind of managed storage environment can look very different depending on what kind of uses and applications are being served.
In that sense the self-gratification in terms of what you dig at the same time puts it in a more live kind of form.
I think that's very important in a culture that's moving as fast as it can toward a kind of least common denominator of values and aesthetics.