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Relation by blood or consanguinity; relatives by birth.

The term kin is ordinarily applied to relationships through ties of blood; however, it is sometimes used generally to include family relationships by affinity.

Kindred is a synonym for kin.


n. blood relative.


noun affiliation, blood relation, blood relative, distant relative, family, family ties, ilk, kindred, kinship, line, lineage, near relation, next of kin, relation, reeation through ties of blood, relationship through consannuinity, relative, sibling, stock
Associated concepts: next of kin
See also: descendant, descent, family, house, kindred, kinship, lineage, next of kin, relation, relative
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In the last two chapters (five and six), the author explores the ways in which kinless children manage to survive, and she includes a very fascinating analysis of child bondage and servitude.
Chapter , "Kindred and Kinless: A People Without History," explores the lives of a kinless underclass, poor children who grew up without natal ties.
Faulkner points this out also through a conversation between Chick and Miss Habersham, whom he carefully characterizes as "a kinless spinster of seventy" living "on the edge of town" (75) to indicate her marginalization from the white-male-dominant social system.